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A great addition to the PELICAN PROGEAR™ line, Pelican™ Elite Coolers feature impact-resistant durable design. Freezer-grade gasket and 2” polyurethane insulation ensure ice retention up for up to 10 days. Designed with your excursion in mind, some models feature integrated cup holders, a built-in bottle opener and/or fish scale. Optional add-ons include the PELICAN PROGEAR™ Elite Cooler Tie Down Kit for secure in-transit stowage and PELICAN PROGEAR™ Elite Cooler Dry Rack to keep your munchies crunchy. Available in 8 sizes: 20 quart, 35 quart, 45 quart, 65 quart, 80 quart, 95 quart, 150 quart and 250 quart.

  • Pelican™ 20Qt Elite Cooler

    Int. Dim.12.00" X 6.70" X 14.10"


  • Pelican™ 30Qt Elite Cooler

    Int. Dim.14.60" X 10.20" X 11.00"


  • Pelican™ 45QW Elite Cooler

    Int. Dim.19.00" X 12.00" X 12.00"


  • Pelican™ 50Qt Elite Cooler

    Int. Dim.17.50" X 11.00" X 13.70"


  • Pelican™ 55QW Tailgater Cooler

    Int. Dim.20.00" X 12.00" X 14.25"


  • Pelican™ 70Qt Elite Cooler

    Int. Dim.23.50" X 11.00" X 14.30"


  • Pelican™ 80Qt Elite Cooler

    Int. Dim.29.00" X 13.00" X 13.00"


  • Pelican™ 95Qt Elite Cooler

    Int. Dim.27.34" X 12.00" X 17.62"


  • Pelican™ 150Qt Elite Cooler

    Int. Dim.34.00 " X 17.00" X 15.75"


  • Pelican™ SC24 Soft Cooler

    Int. Dim.


  • Pelican™ Dry Rack Basket


  • Pelican™ Elite Cooler Seat Cushions


  • Pelican™ Tie Down Kit


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