Mobie Roamer ST Standard


Mobie Roamer ST Standard


The Mobie Roamer ST Standard is a complete trade show shipping and display solution. A modular system, water tight, dust proof, crush proof, self contained and easily shipped or traveled on its own pallet, in its own padded hood. It sets up in a matter of minutes and your show's ready to go, right down to the custom fitted table top and skirting. Aesthetically pleasing to the point, where it becomes its own display table.

At the heart of the Mobie Roamer ST are two 1780 Pelican™ Cases, 15 cubic ft. of almost impenetrable safe and dry storage. The Pelican™ Cases, known for their durability and intelligent allocation of space, provide more than enough room to carry and store safely, in organized convenience, whatever you may need to properly conduct business at any show. Products, brochures, display items or even laptops and pads, as well as the table top, its cover and skirt.

For travel and storage of the system, the two Pelican™ Cases are compactly stacked with the system's own floor skid, for easy on site maneuverability and its shipping pallet. The whole package fits in a 48" x 28" x 38" space and is banded together by ultra strong, but easily fastened industrial strength moving straps. Put on the padded shipping hood and your ready to leave - or, easily store the system for your next trip. The Mobie Roamer ST, in its exhibit skirting, can also function as a display for your lobby or showroom.

When you get to the show, just have your Mobie delivered to your space. Unpacking and set-up takes only minutes and standing in a sturdy 28" x 38" footprint, the total kit provides you with a clean distinctive and easily identifiable display, to be used on its own or in concert with an existing display, as an additional sales and meeting area.

At the end of each day you're on site, you won't have to carry out products, brochures, display items, etc. or even laptops for that matter. You just put them neatly back into the Pelican™ Cases, slip on a lock and head back to your hotel.

And, at the end of the show, you'll be easily packed up, again in minutes and out the door. The Mobie Roamer ST is truly the intelligent solution for the contemporary trade show exhibitor.

This durable, easy to use system is a must in any exhibitor's arsenal!

Mobie Roamer ST Standard Features Include:

  • One 1780 empty
  • One 1780 with Pick N Pluck™
  • Folding foam core counter top
  • Counter top protector bag
  • Counter skirt (Black/No Print)
  • Reusable skid with straps
  • Shipping box
  • Shipping pad
  • Generic shipping skid

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