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Pelican™ lighting is simply tougher by design. Their cases have earned them a reputation for durability and ingenuity that you'll also find in their wide variety of personal and professional lighting products.

Pelican™ stands behind their lighting with the Limited Lifetime Pelican™ Guarantee of Excellence, so you know that when you purchase a Pelican™ product, you're not only getting the best product, but you're also getting the best protection on your investment as well.

From the campsite to the jobsite, Pelican™ provides you with a full range of Remote Area Lighting Systems, featuring a 1 year limited warranty. Perfect for lighting larger areas, Remote Area Lighting Systems are wireless, transportable, and provide hours of continuous, clean LED light. Pelican™ Remote Area Lighting Systems keep you life and your work illuminated.

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Pelican™ Flashlights are used by the military, police and fire departments as well as search and rescue teams around the world. If demanding teams trust Pelican™ when their work depends on it, you know there's a Pelican™ Flashlight that's right for you. The wide range of Pelican™ Flashlights are super bright and energy efficient. From a variety of light modes to double-digit hours of runtime, Pelican™ has the right light for you.

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When your work depends on visibility in potentially hazardous conditions, count on Pelican™ to keep your crew safe. Pelican™ Safety Approved Lighting passes a battery of rigorous tests conducted by safety agencies beforereceiving such things as, UL, IECEX or SGS approval ratings.

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Safety Approvals
US/C Class I ● US/C Class II ● US/C Class III
IECEx ia ● IECEx ib ● IECEx ic

Pelican lighting tools have been tested to be intrinsically safe or explosion proof in Class I, II, or III environments. When the safety of your jobsite depends on it, Pelican™ has you covered.

Pelican™ Lighting

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